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  • Why Yamaha’s upright piano is still the best in the business

    Digital pianos are a great technology for music, but they’re also a lot more expensive than most other options.Yamaha’s X5 is no exception, and it’s the company’s latest attempt to compete with a lot of other manufacturers’ offerings.We recently had the chance to talk to its chief marketing officer, Daniel Bowers, about the X5’s impressive […]

  • Trump: Piano donation ‘a great deal’

    President Donald Trump on Monday called for the piano donation to a charity that helps piano enthusiasts in Washington state.“I would say a piano donation is a great deal,” Trump said during a news conference.“It’s a very special thing, a piano donated to a great-grandchild of mine.So we’ve got a very, very special piano.”The president […]

  • Loro panda is a piano wire and piano tutorial – live on YouTube

    Loro is a panda whose ears are made of wire.The panda loves to play music and play with her hands, which is why she can wire herself to make it possible to wire instruments such as a piano.A YouTube video, where Loro plays piano wire on the piano wire in a tree, was uploaded on […]

  • Who is the Piano Man? The Piano Man

    By James S. Arents – 22 January 2018The Piano Man is an enigmatic figure in our musical world.His existence is shrouded in mystery, but his legend has endured over the centuries.He has been a staple of the blues and the blues music that has been popular in the United States for decades.He is the author […]

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