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  • How to Play Acrosonics with Rich Piana

    The Pianist is one of the most powerful and versatile instruments in the musical instrument world.Its versatility and ease of use are well known.The piano, however, is a much more complex instrument.You may be wondering, how do I learn to play this instrument?Well, if you want to learn how to play the piano, you’ll need […]

  • A piano lesson from a Hindu god

    An interesting piece of information about the music of the Hindu gods is revealed in a recent BBC article titled A musical journey through the worlds of the gods.The story is told by one of the god’s daughters, who is part of the Panchayati Raj.The daughter is also a classical musician and plays the mandolin.In […]

  • How to Use Your Piano with Windows 10

    The piano game is a great example of the benefits of playing on a touchscreen and using the built-in keyboard to control the sound.When playing with your fingers, you’ll be able to control volume and pan while holding down the keys.You can also control the piano by tapping on it.This means that you can set […]

  • What’s the deal with The Steinway Piano Movie?

    The first trailer for The Steinwell Piano Movie released today reveals that composer Michael Giacchino is in talks to direct the film, and that it will be set in the 1930s, after a composer’s suicide leaves his son to take over his piano collection.The film also will feature a guest star. A source close to the […]

  • Minecraft piano game tutorial

    The best piano game tutorials in the world.Read more.The game’s title suggests the goal of the game is to play a piano solo while using a hammer, but the game isn’t quite clear what that is.A piano player can only play the solo by using the hammer, which appears to be a game mechanic, not […]

  • Rich Piana Wife’s Piano Plays Easy Piano Music

    Rich Piazza’s piano is not a perfect instrument, but it has a lot of great songs.The piano is playing a song by John Williams called “Hallelujah.”He is credited with introducing the song to millions.But what makes the piano so fun to play?The keys have a lot to offer, according to Piazzo.“They’re pretty sweet, they’re a […]

  • Piano chord sounds like ‘Titanic’ on piano

    A piano chord sounds more like the Titanic than a typical orchestral piece of music, according to a study from the Carnegie-Knight Graduate School of Music.The study, published online Tuesday in the journal PLOS One, shows that when people hear a piano chord in the context of a typical piece of orchestering, they think of […]

  • Why you should have a baby piano lamp

    Pianos are the best, if you’re lucky, to be born with one, says musician John Krakauer.You might be born in a world without them, or in a time when you’ll have to choose between your love of music and your child’s desire to be the best.The best pianos have been created by a small band […]

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