How the piano chords from a movie inspired a $10,000 guitar

When you hear the words “Carmen” and “Piano” you think of a movie, but a new one inspired the guitar chords from “Pitch Perfect” to play in your studio.The movie “Citizenfour” was based on a novel by Laura Poitras, and in the movie, the piano parts are played by two women, both named Laura Poits.When […] →Read more

The 5 Best Classic Guitar Songs

5.“Lazarus” by John ColtraneThe most famous rock song of all time, “Lazy Boy” is a classic of jazz and soul.It was released in 1959 and is one of the most influential jazz albums of all-time.It is one the most popular songs of all times and has been played by every major musician.The guitar parts are […] →Read more

How to survive the first day of the Piana Festival

PIABLO, Puerto Rico—It’s the first week of the third annual Piana festival, a celebration of Caribbean music, food, and culture that kicks off with a DJ spinning songs by local musicians, including a trio called Piana.There’s a DJ on the main stage playing traditional tunes, as well as a few other DJ sets, as usual.The […] →Read more

Trump: Piano donation ‘a great deal’

President Donald Trump on Monday called for the piano donation to a charity that helps piano enthusiasts in Washington state.“I would say a piano donation is a great deal,” Trump said during a news conference.“It’s a very special thing, a piano donated to a great-grandchild of mine.So we’ve got a very, very special piano.”The president […] →Read more

What’s the difference between piano and piano bar?

There are a lot of reasons to buy a piano, but one of the most common reasons is to buy the piano bar.The piano bar is a bar that sits on the piano and has a piano.It can be very useful if you want to practice playing an instrument and it’s an easy way to […] →Read more

Music of the Gods

On Thursday, the National Museum of the Royal Philharmonic in London unveiled a new exhibition dedicated to music by the Gods.The show, entitled Music of Gods, opens with a live performance of the opening of the National Philharmonia Orchestra (NPO) concert series at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Wednesday.The exhibition, titled Music of […] →Read more

How to create a great audio experience with your Android phone

Android users in India can now get a lot of new things done with their phones without having to go to a smartphone store.While the majority of the country is still locked down to the country’s traditional mobile network, there are a number of apps and services that are available that allow users to use […] →Read more

How to get married with a piano class

Jingle bells pianos are the best way to get your spouse and family to sit still while you play.But you can’t just take your piano with you everywhere you go.And if you’re in the mood for a little extra exercise, check out these piano classes at the piano shop and the best piano classes on […] →Read more

What we know about the virtual piano clip art that was made for ‘Star Wars’

We now know that the first “Star Wars” clip art was created in a digital form in 2006 by an artist named Andy Lueders, who went by the handle “Andy” on his website.A digital copy of the clip art is still available on Lueder’s website, but it has been taken down from its previous location […] →Read more

Why you should listen to the best piano notes of 2016

It’s not easy to get the best of any instrument, and the best ones tend to sound the best.Here’s why.We all know the feeling when we hear a good piano, and we want to listen to it again and again.But there are plenty of reasons why you may be disappointed.Some of the best sounds of […] →Read more