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  • When you can’t be distracted, the best piano lessons are still on the web

    Axios – 4.09.16 The internet is a wonderful place for music lessons, and they’re no different for piano lessons.The lessons are usually free and you can get the lessons at most music stores.There are also a few websites offering free piano lessons, but these are typically more geared towards beginners than the kind of things […]

  • Piano Cost – $2,700 Source Google News

    The piano cost $2.7 million, which includes labor and materials.The piano is now up for auction at a Christie’s auction in New York, and the pianist has agreed to pay $3,700 for it.He will be reimbursed for the cost of the piano itself, as well as a deposit of $1,200.The pianist told ABC News that […]

  • How to get your classical piano to sound like it’s playing classical piano

    By clicking the button below, you accept the terms of use.I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.I accept that this service may collect information about your browsing behaviour, which may be used to target ads to you and your online behaviour, to assist with the collection of data about you and for […]

  • Music, poetry, and poetry in ancient India: the art of the piano

    A new article by IANS author Kailash Virkarath, published in the prestigious Hindu daily, is entitled Music, poems, and the piano in ancient Indian culture.The article argues that the piano, in particular, was a vehicle for the creation of poetry and poetry’s influence on the world around us.“As a medium for creating poetry, the piano […]

  • What you need to know about Yamaha piano light

    It’s the light that will illuminate your piano, but Yamaha has been making a lot of noise lately about the quality of their piano lights.It has come to the point that many have asked if it is worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new Yamaha piano.Yamaha is making a statement, and […]

  • Piano: Kids keyboard piano

    By now, you probably know that the piano in the new Pixar film “Piano in the Jungle” is the most powerful piano ever made, with a range of musical effects.But how does it sound?And is it worth the $6.99 price tag?We spent several days with the new “Paint It Blue” piano, which is also known […]

  • When it comes to new and interesting music, the fingers piano is not far behind

    In my opinion, the piano is still the most exciting instrument you can play on.But that doesn’t mean it’s always the most fun.Here are ten songs that sound better with fingers, and one that sounds better with a piano.1.“Someday I Will Play” by Sondheim, with piano, electric guitar, and guitar on a guitar cover article […]

  • Yamaha piano man: The man behind the Yamaha piano

    The Yamaha piano has always been a strange machine, an almost entirely unknown commodity.Until now.For the first time in history, Yamaha has made an instrument it could use.For the first and only time, it has made one that can make you laugh.The Yamaha Piano is a Yamaha XPS 13 notebook computer, but the hardware isn’t […]

  • A new type of piano lamp for your living room

    We’ve been hearing about a new type for a long time.Now it’s finally here: A piano bar.A piano lamp is basically just a lamp that looks like a standard lamp but that actually has the power to change colors, light up the room, and even give off music.It’s like an electric piano.It could be a […]

  • ‘Sleeping Beauty’ composer gets $5 million for ‘Piano Sleep Music’ music

    The Piano Sleep Music project is coming to a close.It’s a massive, multi-million dollar project that includes orchestras, orchestras of all styles, and composers.The project is headed up by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, which has worked on the music for more than 40 years, and is expected to make its way into the hands of […]

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