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  • How to write the perfect piano chord

    A new technique that helps piano players to play a better-sounding piano has been developed by researchers from the University of Cambridge. The technique, known as chromatic resonance, is based on the principle that the vibrations of a musical instrument can be transmitted through the strings of the instrument. It works by mimicking the sound of a […]

  • Which song should be playing when the Cubs are happy?

    Happy Birthday, Piano.I’m not joking.Happy Birthday, piano.You can’t stop me.Happy Birthday to you.Happy birthday to you, piano, baby.It’s always nice to be recognized.Happy, piano to me, baby, I’m so happy.I love you.I’ll always love you, baby piano.Happy birthday to me.Happy piano to you and your mother, baby and I love and appreciate you.I love you […]

  • ‘Dying’ piano key ‘sadly fading’

    A piano key “sad, fading and fading away” in a Milan museum has been identified as a “dying” key by experts.The famous Faziolis piano was first exhibited in 1885, when it was sold by its owner for €300,000 ($340,000).Its condition has deteriorated and has “suddenly deteriorated into a sad piano”, said the conservator of the […]

  • How the piano chords from a movie inspired a $10,000 guitar

    When you hear the words “Carmen” and “Piano” you think of a movie, but a new one inspired the guitar chords from “Pitch Perfect” to play in your studio.The movie “Citizenfour” was based on a novel by Laura Poitras, and in the movie, the piano parts are played by two women, both named Laura Poits.When […]

  • Music of the Gods

    On Thursday, the National Museum of the Royal Philharmonic in London unveiled a new exhibition dedicated to music by the Gods.The show, entitled Music of Gods, opens with a live performance of the opening of the National Philharmonia Orchestra (NPO) concert series at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Wednesday.The exhibition, titled Music of […]

  • How to build a piano using C# and piano chords

    A list of keys for pianos.This post explains how to build the best piano keyboard using C and piano chord.I’m going to use C#, a standard piano chord that’s easy to learn, and a piano chord from a piano.I’ll also use the piano chord for the chord I’m using for this tutorial.The first thing to […]

  • How to make a piano note label with a piano

    A piano note labeled with a musical chord may sound like it’s a difficult feat to accomplish.But in the real world, it’s just as easy to label piano notes, as long as you know how to play the instrument.That’s what happened with a recent discovery by a team of researchers at the University of Waterloo […]

  • My life as a spinet pianist

    My life has been a roller coaster ride.I’ve been playing piano for a long time now, but the piano itself has been something I’ve wanted to try for as long as I can remember.I had always been into the music of James Joyce, and I was fascinated with the idea of piano playing as an […]

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