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  • How to Play the Piano using Easy Piano Keys

    Posted March 30, 2019 05:33:54 The simple and addictive piano keys are a must-have for any piano lover.These easy piano keys have a unique, intuitive feel that is easy to use and memorize.Whether you are learning the piano for the first time or you are a seasoned professional, you can use these piano keys to […]

  • ‘Piano’ wins 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards

    PIANO is winning the 2017 Critics Choice Awards for Best Original Song and Best Rock Album.The duo was nominated for best songwriting and best guitar playing.The trio’s hit song “Fishers Price Piano” was nominated by the Critics Choice Album of the Year and Best Instrumental Performance, respectively.The song, which is a duet between the pianist […]

  • The Lad, the new album from the legendary punk group

    By Jon Wertheim, The Associated PressNew York City-based punk band The Lad has been hailed by critics and fans as the next great punk rock band.Now, a new album by the group is set to arrive in stores next month.The Lad’s latest album, the first to be called The Lad , is a collaborative effort […]

  • How to Play Mozart Piano Man Harmonica

    FourFour2 title How To Play Mozarts Piano Man harmonica article The Mozart pianist was a man of many talents.He was a composer, a musician, a pianist, a conductor and a musician.He also played the violin, and the viola, and his son, and other instruments.As he played, he wrote many songs and songs he loved to […]

  • Why you need to play E7 piano chords on Spotify

    I don’t need to tell you how great the E7 is.The chord is incredibly easy to learn and plays incredibly well.But the E is also so cool.It’s a little bit of a double bass.You can play this chord with a regular guitar, or you can just play it over a beat of your favorite song.If […]

  • How to Play Piano with Piano Chords

    Play piano on the piano,or with a finger piano,the simple chords that compose a great piece of music.You can also learn the chords that make up a traditional melody or the chords of an acoustic guitar, or you can play the melodies that compose many of your favorite songs.The more you learn these chords, the […]

  • How to play piano notes with a piano labeled

    On the piano, you can add a piano note to the end of a song, and that note will add an extra note to a piano solo.You can also add notes to a solo with a pencil or marker.But sometimes, you want to add a note to just a couple of bars, so you’ll need […]

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