What’s the deal with this piano tuner thing?

The new piano tuners at Milan’s Alcristo have a new look and a new function.

They are more expensive than the earlier versions, costing €15,000, and can be used for classical piano, jazz and modern pieces.

The tuners also give the owner the ability to set the pitch of the instruments.

There is a special version with the same functions as the earlier models.

The new tuners are made of steel, the same material used in the original instrument, which is now made of plastic, but which can be heated to keep the tuners warm and sound good.

The tuners come in three colours, which can also be bought individually, for a total of four.

Each tuner has a different pitch, ranging from 100 to 160 decibels, depending on the tuner used.

It is possible to adjust the pitch manually by pressing and holding the tunator button on the remote control, or by adjusting the knob at the back of the tuneric.

The instrument is able to be used on a string and a piano string.

The price is €15k, but a further €10,000 is required to purchase the instruments in Europe.

The Milan team behind the design are the Piano Tuners Team, and they believe that the tunings are a new type of technology, which will help to improve the quality of playing.

In addition to the new tuner there are other new innovations too.

The piano tunic now comes with a new design with the new colours, and also a new feature to adjust its pitch, which makes it easier to play.

The team behind it are Luca Mazzucchelli, Marco Guglielmi, Alessandro Nannucci, Paolo Marzilli, Francesco Peri and Francesco Ferro.

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