‘Piano’ wins 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards

PIANO is winning the 2017 Critics Choice Awards for Best Original Song and Best Rock Album.

The duo was nominated for best songwriting and best guitar playing.

The trio’s hit song “Fishers Price Piano” was nominated by the Critics Choice Album of the Year and Best Instrumental Performance, respectively.

The song, which is a duet between the pianist and the band members, has been nominated for three consecutive awards.

The award was presented at the 89th annual Grammy Awards.

Pianos won the award in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The album won Album of Music at the 2017 Grammy Awards, and it was nominated in both categories.

PIANOS was also nominated for Best New Artist, Best Pop Duo, Best Instrumentation Performance, and Best Rap Album.

“Fisher Price Piano,” by the quartet, was nominated on Best Songwriting and Best Guitar playing.

The album was also selected as the best rap album of the year by Rolling Stone magazine.

“Piano” won Albums, Best New Artists, Best Rap and Rap Album, and best Rock Album at the 2016 Grammy Awards and was nominated again for Best Rock Song.

The quartet’s debut album, The Piano (2014), sold more than one million copies and topped Billboard’s Top 200 album chart.