The Lad, the new album from the legendary punk group

By Jon Wertheim, The Associated PressNew York City-based punk band The Lad has been hailed by critics and fans as the next great punk rock band.

Now, a new album by the group is set to arrive in stores next month.

The Lad’s latest album, the first to be called The Lad , is a collaborative effort between longtime drummer and guitarist Mark Gourley and bassist Ryan Bitterman.

It is being released by New York-based indie label Kaleidoscope and will be available through the Kaleidell Records website.

Gourley said in a statement that he is so thrilled with the album that he plans to play it live next month in New York City.

The Lad was founded in 1999 and is known for its fiery live performances, aggressive live shows and defiantly defiant lyrics that are often sarcastic and scathing.

It has been a long time coming for The Lad and its fans.

The group has not played live since 2005.

The band’s debut LP, In Search of Lost Time, was released in 2005.

The band is currently working on new music.

The latest effort will be released in the fall.

Gorley has played in the band since 1999 and played on its albums The Lad: In Search Of Lost Time and In Search.

The album will feature songs that were recorded before the group formed.

Gourly said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine last year that The Lad had recorded “so many songs before that they couldn’t even figure out what to call them.”

Gourry said that it was important to the band to create something different, but not as dissimilar as other bands of the time.

“There are a lot of bands that I think are going through some really tough times right now,” he said.

“They’re all sort of playing with each other in the same room, but they’re not really playing together like The Lad is playing right now.”

Gorle said the group’s new album will be more aggressive and aggressive sounding than previous albums.

“This is definitely more of a punk rock album,” he told Rolling Stone.

“We want it to sound like we’re playing in the studio.”

The Lad will play its next shows in New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

The group will also play its first North American tour in June.