What are the differences between the new and old MacBook Pro models?

Apple is making the transition to an 11-inch laptop with a smaller battery.

The new MacBook Pro is going to be lighter than the original MacBook Pro, and that will make it more suitable for more people to upgrade their laptop from an older model.

The first of these is the battery.

When you think about it, the original Apple MacBook Pro was a powerful machine that could handle some serious work.

But after the introduction of the Intel Core i5-7000, the MacBook Pro got an upgrade to the Core i7-8100.

The MacBook Pro with the Core m7-9000 chip was just as powerful, and the Core x2 was faster.

Now, the new MacBook Pros are being offered in two versions.

The first is the Core M7-9300.

The second is the i5 Pro, which is based on the i7 processor.

The i5 version will come with a 15W Intel Core M chip and up to 3TB of RAM, and it will have a 1TB SSD drive.

Apple says the new laptop will be available for $1,299.49 when it launches on October 25.

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