Why do people call the piano a piano?

This week on r/all, a Reddit community for all things musical, the topic of why piano players call it a piano comes up frequently.

When asked about this, a piano player from the Czech Republic posted a photo of himself holding a piece of paper, with the caption “Why do people say it’s a piano?”

While there are no exact answers, some of the responses suggested it could be related to the fact that it is the most common instrument on the planet, and piano music is played at all hours of the day.

A Reddit user from Canada, meanwhile, explained, “When I was young I played piano in my dad’s basement with my grandma and it was so beautiful.

But now I can’t anymore.”

Others suggested that this could be because the piano is used as a tool for practicing and that it doesn’t require much practice to master, and that piano lessons could be much easier if it were just easier to play a piece.