‘The World of Music: The Most Surprising Albums You’ll Ever Hear’

Now in its seventh year, the album of the year award was given to The World of Piano, an anthology of the best new piano music released in the past five years.

The winners were announced on Monday, with The World Of Music taking home the title of the Best Piano Album of 2018.

The album has a diverse range of styles, from classical to pop to jazz, jazz to jazz-funk and pop to pop.

In a list of nominees, the winners included the band Muse, who won Best Orchestrations, and the indie band New York Dolls, who received Best Soloist.

A collection of songs from the album was chosen by a panel of judges, including The Guardian’s Andrew Roberts, who said the music was “very beautiful”.

“The World Of Piano is a beautiful collection of piano music that brings together a range of influences, many of which are familiar to you,” he said.

“Its very much a reflection of how the music is being made today.

There is a lot of depth to the work, as well as a strong sense of humour.”

The World was chosen for the first time in 2018, when it won the same award for Best Solo Performance.

The album is due for release on November 18, 2018.