The 5 Best Classic Guitar Songs


“Lazarus” by John ColtraneThe most famous rock song of all time, “Lazy Boy” is a classic of jazz and soul.

It was released in 1959 and is one of the most influential jazz albums of all-time.

It is one the most popular songs of all times and has been played by every major musician.

The guitar parts are perfect.

Coltranes music is so versatile and well known that it has spawned a whole genre of its own.

You could say that he’s the godfather of the guitar.

This classic is also an anthem for the LGBT community.


“Let It Be” by The Beatles The most beloved song in rock history, “Let it be” is the most famous song of them all, and the most powerful anthem in rock.

It’s an anthem of love, self-esteem, and overcoming the odds.

It has been used by many celebrities, and by the likes of David Bowie, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson.

The instrumentation and style are flawless.

2/5 1.

“Like A Rolling Stone” by the Beatles The greatest pop song of the 20th century, “Like a Rolling Stone,” was released on July 4, 1964.

It helped define the Beatles sound and the music scene of the 70s and 80s.

It became a rock anthem, and it still holds up today.

The Beatles were the Beatles, and they were always a rock band.

The song is an anthem to love, independence, and personal growth.

2 1/2/2016 1.

John Lennon, The Beatles John Lennon is the Beatles greatest musical influence.

He was the first one to write “Love Me Do,” a song that would be a major hit for the band.

Lennon, who was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in London, was an avid musician.

His love of the music and the Beatles was contagious.

He became friends with the Beatles’ George Harrison and Ringo Starr and started a group called The Fab Four, which would become the Beatles.

2,5/5 10.

“Imagine” by Queen, Queen & David BowieThe most popular song of rock history was “Imagine,” which was released by Queen in 1971.

The lyrics of this song, and other songs by Queen were a love letter to the Queen family.

The melody is beautiful, the lyrics are timeless, and every note is a perfect representation of the Queens signature sound.

The music is catchy, the band is tight, and there are so many different instrumentation options to choose from.

1/5 5.

Queen, The Fab FourthQueen was the most successful British rock band of the early 1970s.

They would go on to sell over 1.4 million records worldwide, winning a Grammy for Album of the Year.

Their music became a global hit.

The Fab Fours songs were a major influence on the likes, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Drake.

This is the classic Queen album that everyone is talking about.

5/5 4.

“I’m Gonna Miss You” by Bob MarleyThe most talked about song in history was a protest song by Bob Dylan, released in 1971, “I am Gonna Need You.”

It was written by Marley and his mother, a pacifist activist.

The original lyrics are a plea for respect and peace, and Marley’s vocals are the most prominent and resonant.

Marley was a revolutionary, and his lyrics resonate strongly with a lot of people today.

It inspired many artists to create their own songs.

4/5 3.

Bob DylanBob Dylan’s “Born in the U.S.A.” is the greatest song ever written.

The words, melody, and instrumentation are all perfect.

The story of the war is told with such vivid detail, and he does it so well that people can relate.

3/5 2.

Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra’s songs are the best ever written, and have inspired countless musicians and artists.

He is an icon for the country music scene and is considered one of our country’s greatest songwriters.

His music is timeless, yet modern, and timeless in its own way.

2-1/2 2.

Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USABorn in 1971 by the singer/songwriter Bruce Spring