Loro panda is a piano wire and piano tutorial – live on YouTube

Loro is a panda whose ears are made of wire.

The panda loves to play music and play with her hands, which is why she can wire herself to make it possible to wire instruments such as a piano.

A YouTube video, where Loro plays piano wire on the piano wire in a tree, was uploaded on Monday.

She was a student at the Royal Conservatory of Music in the Netherlands until last year when she was put on a teaching assignment to learn to play a piano with the help of a teacher.

“I was really excited to learn the piano and I was so excited when I was put in charge of the piano, I was very excited,” she told news agency AP.

The video is one of several that show Loro playing piano wire as part of a project called Piano Wire for Loro.

The project was created by a Dutch artist who uses the music to illustrate her work and is a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal Netherlands Conservatoire.

Loro can play with a string instrument, a harp and a guitar.

She can also play with an electric guitar and a piano keyboard.

“You can actually play with these instruments and also with the piano,” she said.

“When you are playing with a piano, you can move your hands around and it feels really good.”

Loro said the project is about learning to play piano.

“It’s something that I do to have something to share with the world.

When I was a child, I used to play on the drums,” she explained.

“And when I’m young, I would sing and play guitar.”

The project is also a way to connect Loro with the public and her fans, who have become known as Loro Piana.

“A lot of people ask me, ‘When is Loro going to be born?’,” Loro explained.

The Royal Conservatoir has teamed up with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the University of Leiden in the past to help Loro learn to use instruments.

“This project was an opportunity for me to make music that was more expressive than what I could play in the orchestra,” she added.

The artist has also created music for other artists such as the singer Lily Allen.

“In the past, I had never played piano wire, but I had played guitar before, so I was really surprised when I heard that Loro was going to do that,” she joked.