How to buy cheap piano at an auction

What are the basics of piano buying?Here are some of the things to remember: You need to be able to afford the price.In most cases, a piano should not cost more than £50.The quality of the piano must be comparable to what you’d find at a used piano shop.You must be able, in some way, […] →Read more

How to write the perfect piano chord

A new technique that helps piano players to play a better-sounding piano has been developed by researchers from the University of Cambridge. The technique, known as chromatic resonance, is based on the principle that the vibrations of a musical instrument can be transmitted through the strings of the instrument. It works by mimicking the sound of a […] →Read more

Which song should be playing when the Cubs are happy?

Happy Birthday, Piano.I’m not joking.Happy Birthday, piano.You can’t stop me.Happy Birthday to you.Happy birthday to you, piano, baby.It’s always nice to be recognized.Happy, piano to me, baby, I’m so happy.I love you.I’ll always love you, baby piano.Happy birthday to me.Happy piano to you and your mother, baby and I love and appreciate you.I love you […] →Read more

‘Dying’ piano key ‘sadly fading’

A piano key “sad, fading and fading away” in a Milan museum has been identified as a “dying” key by experts.The famous Faziolis piano was first exhibited in 1885, when it was sold by its owner for €300,000 ($340,000).Its condition has deteriorated and has “suddenly deteriorated into a sad piano”, said the conservator of the […] →Read more

How to Create the Most Outstanding Piano Chart: Rhodes Piano Chart

I think a lot of piano players think that when they play their first piano they should be a professional pianist.I think that the reason why they get so far in the game is because they’re trying to make the most of what they’ve learned.That’s the only way you can make the best use of […] →Read more

How to Make a Simple, Beautiful Acoustic Piano: How to Play the Easy Piano

A simple acoustic piano is a good choice for anyone who enjoys listening to music on the piano.But a more traditional acoustic piano can be a good addition to a home or studio.Here are six simple acoustic tips for beginners to help you build up your skills and improve your piano playing.1.Get comfortable with the […] →Read more

Why Yamaha’s upright piano is still the best in the business

Digital pianos are a great technology for music, but they’re also a lot more expensive than most other options.Yamaha’s X5 is no exception, and it’s the company’s latest attempt to compete with a lot of other manufacturers’ offerings.We recently had the chance to talk to its chief marketing officer, Daniel Bowers, about the X5’s impressive […] →Read more

Which piano chord is the best one to play in the world?

Megalovani piano scales are a unique form of piano learning, and there are thousands of them.You can learn them in any music school, and you can use them in all kinds of contexts, from teaching children to learn music to playing piano.But there are many different ways to learn them, and the piano scales can […] →Read more

Why piano brands have abandoned YouTube for Google Play and Google TV

The music industry has long been a bastion of digital innovation, but there’s a growing sentiment that the world is moving away from music and toward television.A number of companies are moving their music offerings to Google Play or Google TV, as well as Facebook’s own streaming service.But in the past few years, there’s been […] →Read more

What’s the difference between free online piano and the free online music?

Free online piano is a new way to download free piano music from the internet.It allows you to stream free piano recordings online for a fee, although some of the recordings are not available on the web at all. Free online piano features a free mobile app and is free to download from Apple, Google Play […] →Read more