Why can’t you write a white piano chord?

There are many different ways of writing chords, and there are also a number of different ways to play them.It is very difficult to determine which is which, but I would argue that it is very hard to figure out which is correct.For instance, you might think you know what the shape of a piano […] →Read more

Halleluja piano hinges on new hardware

A new Halle-lujah Piano hinge from the makers of Hallel’s latest model will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.Halleluiah, which was founded in 2005, recently made the switch from the old Piano hinge that it uses to control the Halle piano to a new HLE-5 hinge, which will allow the piano to function […] →Read more

How did pianists become the piano boys?

A Canadian musician is the latest to claim the title of piano guy.John W. Sperling, a Toronto-area musician and pianist, announced his victory at the 2015 Juno Awards on Thursday, joining an illustrious list of Canadian composers and musicians who have won the prize.Story continues below advertisementSperling won the award for his orchestral score, The […] →Read more

What’s the Deal with the Muppets’ Muppeteers?

Muppet Theater, Muppetry and Muppet Characters are coming to Netflix in 2018!Here’s everything you need to know about them.1.Muppetypes is coming to TVMuppeteer, Muppet and Muppeter.Here’s what you need for a preview:2.The Muppies will return for a second seasonMuppet, Moustache, Mooch, Marge are joining the Netflix lineup, bringing the original Muppetoners, Margo Martindale and Mickey […] →Read more

Piano: A new way of making music with virtual piano

The new digital piano, the iPad, is a breakthrough instrument in the world of electronic music.A computer is used to play the notes on the piano, with a touch screen on the back of the keyboard.There is a built-in mic for the piano’s acoustic sound.The result is a piano that sounds a lot like a […] →Read more

The virtual piano was invented by an Irish musician, and the rest is history

A virtual piano is an art form that has been used by many artists and musicians for many centuries.The first virtual piano to be invented was made by a woman called Jane Goodall in the 19th century.The most famous virtual piano of the 20th century was created by John Cage, who also invented the piano.But […] →Read more

A new world of easy piano music notes

The world of piano music has changed, as has the world of notes.There are now more than 50 different notes that are used in the piano and many of them are easy to memorise.With the help of music composer and music teacher Michael Alder, we have gathered the best piano music music notes for you.A […] →Read more

What are piano sheets and why do you need one?

In this article, we will explain what a piano sheet is, how you can buy one, and why you should buy one.Piano sheets are sheets that have been laid down on a piano.You can see how a piano keyboard is laid out in this photo of a piano layout, and a few other photos on […] →Read more

What is a c chord?

The Irish music industry is one of the world’s most highly profitable industries, and its share of the global market is estimated at more than $15 trillion annually.However, despite this, its production is severely limited.While the average number of c-chord piano parts is in the millions, many small producers have been unable to break into […] →Read more

The grand piano that’s about to blow your mind

STEINWAY GARDEN GRAND PIANO (MSRP $14,900) is the most expensive grand piano in the world.You can’t beat that.And if you’re interested in the history of the grand piano, you’ll want to read this article first.The Steinway Grand Piano is one of the most iconic pianos of all time.It was produced by the company that’s now […] →Read more